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Plant and equipment insurance

Stay ahead of the unexpected with protection
for your plant and equipment.

Plant and equipment Insurance

Stay ahead of the unexpected with protection for your plant and equipment

At LA Insurance, we understand the crucial role that machinery, tools and equipment play in keeping your business operations running smoothly.

Plant and equipment insurance is designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your investments are safeguarded against a range of risks, including theft, damage, breakdowns and more. Whether you’re a small business owner with limited equipment or a large enterprise with a diverse range of machinery, we can find you a policy, customised to suit your specific requirements.

Types of plant and equipment coverage

Plant and Equipment Insurance can come in different forms – for example, some insurers specialise in mobile cranes, while others have insurance cover especially tailored for farming or the construction industry. We recommend exploring your options to compare insurers and insurance covers. The main types of plant and equipment insurance are:


Material loss or damage / theft

Covers the costs of repairing, reinstating or replacing the damaged parts or accessories, paying the sum insured or market value, or replacing the item and accessories.


Road risk

Covers personal injury as a result of an accident if the unit is unregistered, as well as damage to property on a public road or public area.


Public & Product Liability

Covers for personal injury or property damage because of an occurrence in connection with your business or caused by your products.


Business interuption

Pays an agreed weekly benefit if a listed item is damaged. The cover starts from the time of the accident until repaired

With LA Insurance you can expect a partner that understands your industry and is committed to help you succeed. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the insurance process, from choosing the right policy to handling all your claims efficiently and effectively. 

Benefits of plant and equipment insurance


Comprehensive coverage


Customised policies


Risk analysis
and management

Plant and equipment insurance FAQs

Plant & Equipment Insurance covers a wide variety of plant and mobile construction and industrial equipment, including: 

  • bobcats 
  • asphalting machines 
  • forklifts 
  • trucks 
  • trailers and attachments 
  • concreting equipment 
  • excavators 
  • mobile cranes 
  • scissor lifts 

Plant and equipment insurance protects you against a range of risks that could affect your business assets such as theft burglary, vandalism, breakdowns etc and any unforeseen events that could lead to financial losses. 

Premiums for plant and equipment insurance are typically determined based on several factors including the total value of the insured equipment, the type of equipment being insured, its age and condition, the level of coverage selected, the claims history and any additional optional coverage additions. 

If your equipment is damaged or stolen, it’s crucial to take immediate action. 

  • Notify your insurance provider and report the incident as soon as possible. 
  • Document the damage or theft with photos, videos, and any relevant documentation (e.g., police reports for theft). 
  • Provide all necessary information and cooperate with the insurance company’s claims process, including filling out claim forms and providing estimates for repair or replacement costs.