LA Insurance

Our award-winning team of over 100 specialists are committed to delivering unrivalled service
excellence and creative solutions that help our clients win. Our clients’ goals are at the heart of
what we do. No two clients are ever the same and we pride ourselves on our customised
approach, the clarity of our communications, and the skills and knowledge of our team of experts.

Our Team

Insurance Team

Adrian Cunningham

General Manager
Lender Partnerships, CX & GI

Diana Nguyen

Head of Insurance

Selena Nguyen

Account Manager

Sadaf Shahzad

Account Manager

Adam Myers

Account Manager

Riti Mucherla

Insurance Broker Support

Leadership Team

Bill Constantinidis

Founder and CEO

Thomas Pesce

General Manager - Operations

Tim Mannah

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Laura Lanigan

Head of Marketing

Marketing Team

Laura Lanigan

Head of Marketing

Joanna Dimitrakopoulos

Marketing Executive

Fabian Travia

Graphic Designer

Operations Team

Thomas Pesce

General Manager - Operations

Kerry McGrath

Operations Manager

Tanika Robb

Operations Officer

Finance Team

Katerina Nanava

Katerina Nanava

Financial Controller

Doris Wang