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3 things you must check before buying property.

Amidst all the talk of the spring selling season, it’s important to not get held up in the overall look and feel of the new place but to take into account the factors that could bump up your premiums.

Check out this quick guide to ensure you don’t miss any important details, particularly when it comes to setting yourself up for the best insurance policy when buying a new property.

With recent extreme weather events and coastal erosion, it’s even more crucial to be on top of your inspections.

Proximity to water

What could be more inviting than waterfront property? Well, in the world of insurance there are risks to consider including coastal erosion, ocean damage and storm surges.

Proximity to Bushland

Bushfire, property damage and other disasters are an inconvenient reality of life in the bush. Protect yourself with comprehensive insurance!

How’s the condition?

Check out the entirety of a prospective property, making sure there are no leaks, mould, structural damage etc. Long-standing issues may be excluded from your policy.

Thinking of buying a property? Contact the team at LA Insurance and we can help set up an insurance policy suited to your needs.